Divine Health Diets

” Beloved I wish ABOVE ALL THINGS that thou mayest prosper and be in HEALTH, EVEN AS thy soul prospereth.”

Third John Verse 3

” that thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving HEALTH among all nations.”

psalms 67:2

“It( God’s commandments and laws) shall be HEALTH to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.”

Proverbs 3:8

These verses along with several other verses in the King James Holy Bible make it very plain and clear to us that God desires and wants good health for his people. Did you know that the word of God is the greatest health and diet book ever written in history? We here at Brady Crum Ministries have a two fold ministry. The first goal and role of this ministry is to help people as it relates to their spirit and spiritual life. This ministry believes that the greatest health on earth  is no insurance policy for eternity. We here at Brady Crum Ministries have been called by God to help people first and foremost spiritually. This could be to help the lost come to Jesus and get saved from a eternity in the lake of Fire or it could be to strengthen the brethren and the saints of God everywhere to walk closer in the steps of the master, Jesus Christ. This help we offer relates to the spirit and the spirituality of individuals. We do hope and pray that our preaching and teaching of the word of God does this for our listeners and followers. The second extension or side of Brady Crum Ministries is to offer people help as it relates to their physical health. I believe that third John verse three cited above is clearly referring to both  spiritual prosperity and physical health or prosperity. Why do I believe this? Well the phrase “EVEN AS” really is a comparison word. God wants us to be in good health physically EVEN AS our soul prospereth.  Brady Crum Ministries is devoted and burdened with a desire to help people physically with their physical health even as we are committed to helping people souls for all eternity. We specialize in writing TAILORED made BIOCHEMICAL INDIVDUALITY  diets for each individual that will help each person be in health and prosper physically. We are not doctors here, we are dieticians. We don’t give a diagnosis, but we give an analysis and a specific diet for YOUR body chemistry. This ministry believes that the SECRET TO GOOD HEALTH IS IN THE DIET. All the specific dietary and nutrional  counsel we give is based off of the scriptures and testing done with our unique Biochemical individuality testing lab. If you want and need more ENERGY and want to feel better, along with look healthier then look no further.  God has revealed very key and important Rules and laws about how to be in health as the scripture says in Third John verse 3. These rules are as real as the rule and law of Gravity and are based off of the greatest and the only  inspired book on earth, the King James Bible. If you or any one you know is interested in our services and unique approach to a diet that leads you to divine health while on earth, that is specific for ONLY YOU, and that will give you more energy, health, and happiness then please feel free to contact us via email at bcrum1987@gmail.com or give us a call today.

Hoping you best health

Evangelist Brady C. Crum

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